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This documentation and associated tutorials are for use with Pivec Labs Assets for Game Creator and Assets designed for Unity only. Assets created for Game Creator will not work without first having Game Creator installed. However, Pivec Labs Assets for Unity do not need Game Creator installed on your system.
Some components are similar, but they are not necessarily interchangeable. Game Creator assets are controlled using Triggers, Conditions, and Actions, whereas the Assets for Unity are controlled using the associated Editor script. See the corresponding section for each component for more detail.

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Documentation for Game Creator Assets

Documentation for Unity Assets

About this Documentation

Each Component has its own Section. Each Section contains an introduction chapter that overviews the core concepts. It is advised you read first the Overview page. Then you can decide to follow the guide from top to bottom or jump to between sections.
Pivec Labs Assets are designed to be easy to use, as are the components within each module. Despite this, sometimes certain features might require some extra explanation. Here's how this documentation describes highlights:
A Blue highlight provides extra information on the current topic.
A Green highlight is used for best practices.
An Orange highlight will inform of something which can lead to errors or confusion.
A Red highlight is a critical message that can be game breaking. Read with special care!

Community Driven

All Game Creator modules are a community driven product. That means that you can have an impact on the direction of the development cycle. Although this is an unofficial Game Creator Module and we internally have our own roadmap, if there's a community consensus that a certain feature should be implemented first, we hit the pause button and implement that feature.
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This page is always under construction, the information might be incomplete.
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