Mini Map System

The Best Navigation MiniMap for Unity asset from Pivec Labs is a Navigation System including a MiniMap, a Full Screen Map, and a Configurable Marker System for Unity. It contains the following functions: ⚡ Selectable Hot Key to Toggle Maps ⚡ Prefab for Drag and Drop Quickstart ⚡ Canvas selection for Custom Map inclusion ⚡ Configurable Position and Field of View ⚡ Optional Overlay Canvas for Legend and Filters ⚡ Freeze, Drag, and Zoom options for Full Screen Map ⚡ Unlimited Easy to Use Markers using Tags ⚡ Use provided or your own Sprites for Markers ⚡ Works on Desktop, WebGL, and Mobile devices ⚡ Example Scenes and Source Code are included This component allows you to add a MiniMap system to your project with a single Prefab. The system automatically adds Cameras, RenderTextures, and Marker Array at Runtime, and provides all configurable parameters via a custom drawn inspector panel. As with all Pivec Labs Assets, development is on-going, support is prompt, new features are added regularly.

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