Action Pack 2

for Game Creator 1
This Action Pack for Game Creator provides additional features for Game Creator that are not available in the core product. With the theme of Sight and Sound, this pack contains: ⚡ 4 x Orbit/Rotate Follow and Fixed Cameras ⚡ 2 x New Mirror Camera Components ⚡ 2 x Highlight Objects using any Trigger ⚡ 2 x Sound Actions (Randomise and Streaming) ⚡ 5 x Video on Object (Local or Remote) ⚡ 1 x New Trigger (On Scroll Wheel) All features are activated and controlled using Game Creator Actions, no coding is required. These Actions can be used for creating new visuals in your game, controlling Follow and Fixed Cameras, and Highlighting 3D objects in realtime. With this Asset, you get: ⚡ 15 New Detailed and Unique GC Actions ⚡ 1 New GC Trigger ⚡ 5 Detailed Example Scenes Documentation and Tutorials can be found at These additional Actions are an essential extension for Game Creator. They will not work without Game Creator being installed first. Make your game different and exciting using these unique Actions.