This Module includes Components that are scripts attached to the included Prefabs. Specifically:
  • Camera Touchstick
  • Dynamic Touchstick
  • Dynamic Camera Touchstick
  • Gyro Touchstick
  • Static Touchstick
  • Touchstick Camera
  • Touchstick Follow Camera
  • Touchstick Pedals
  • Touchstick Steering Wheel.
  • Touchstick None.
The Prefabs will not wort without them and they can be used to create your own prefabs (but this is beyond the scope of this documentation).
In addition to the above components, there are two folders containing scripts specifically for Android and iOS. Both of these are for the Haptics of each device, as specific code is required for Android and iOS that is not applicable to the other.
DO NOT amend this code unless you are familiar with Android and/or iOS scripting.
Last modified 2yr ago