Developer Tools

for Game Creator 1
The Tools Module for Game Creator comes with four major components.
1. Click to Spawn Objects.
This component can be used in Editor Mode or when the Editor is in Play Mode. In Play mode, objects are not retained in your scene. In Editor Mode only, Objects are retained and can be used within your game.
Objects can be Primitives or Prefabs and are spawned in world space, displaying the Vector coordinates in the log. The Object can be centred on the Terrain or Plane, or placed above it using offsets.
This feature is perfect for populating your scene with primitives or prefabs such as trees, rocks, or vegetation, and can also be used for populating GC Characters throughout your world.
2. In-Game Console.
This console provides Logs and Alerts from Unity, but at runtime within your game. This can be used for debugging on the actual device, without using a development build.
Game Creator Variables can also be displayed, and Game Creator Events can be dispatched from this Console Window.
An easy to use Template is also provided, so that you can create your own Console commands.
3. In-Game Screen Capture.
This is a simple Screen Shot component but with added features. Using an Action, you or your player can create screen shots during game play.
The images can be configured and can be taken from different cameras other than the Player Camera, providing a unique perspective on screen shots.
Burst mode and Timer mode are also provided, allowing for that perfect image to be captured.
This feature can be used for debugging, for capturing App Store images, or just for bragging rights. 4. Time Manager.
The Time Manager Component allows you to synchronise your game with real world time. You can retrive the time from a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, store it in your variables, and encrypt it to prevent hacking.
The system currently consists of a Time Manager Component, a series of Actions to control encryption and Variable store/receive, and Conditions to verify synchronised times.