Text Mesh Pro & uGUI Text

Text Actions (uGUI & TMP)

Action Name
Add Outline
Add an Outline to the Text (size selectable).
Change Alignment
Change the Alignment of the Text (Left, Center, or Right justified).
Change All Properties
Changes all the Text Content, all fields must be completed.
Change Content
Changes the Content of the Text Displayed.
Change Outline Colour
Changes the text Outline Colour.
Change Text/Character Colour
Changes the Text Colour either from Value or Variable.
Crossfade Text
Fades the text to Alpha 0 or back to Alpha 1
Variable to Text
Changes the Content of the Text displayed to what is in the Variable.
All Text Actions are similar for uGUI text and TextMeshPro Text. However, they are different and the corresponding Actions should be used accordingly. Actions for uGUI are found in the Actions menu under UI/uGUI and the TextMeshPro Actions are under UI/TMP.
However, care should be taken when using the Change All Properties Action.
If a field is left blank, the corresponding attribute will be left blank. All fields must be filled out.