Colour Picker Component

To use the Colour Picker in your UI, locate the Colour Picker Component Prefab from the Prefab folder, and drag to the Prefab into a Canvas Panel in your Scene Hierarchy .
Once the Colour Picker Component is in the Hierachy, simply add the Variable that your wish to change.This Variable must be defined as Color. The Variable will change on Mouse up when dragging the thumb button within the Colour Picker.
You can create your own colour palette or thumb button and add them to the included prefab. The colour picker script will choose whichever colour is underneath the thumb button.
To use the Colour Variable, simply add a Trigger to your scene and set it On Variable Change. Add an Action to the Trigger which uses the Colour Variable and this will allow the Player to select their own colours from a settings panel.
See the Examples Scene provided with this package and the Tutorial on how to use this.