Mini Map Component

MiniMap Actions

Action Name
Display MiniMap
Sets the MiniMap Prefab components Active
Display Map Full Screen
Sets the Full Map Prefab Active with Parameters
Add Map Markers
Adds Markers to the Map Components using Tags
Add Map TMP Labels
Adds Text Mesh Pro Labels to the Map Components using Tags
Remove Map Markers
Removes ALL markers from the Map Component.
Remove Map TMP Labels
Removes ALL TMP Labels from the Map Component.
Blink Map Marker
Blinks on/off a single Mini Map Marker
Stop Blink Map Marker
Stops the Blink of a single Mini Map Marker
Toggle Map Markers
Shows/Hides All Map Markers without removing them
Toggle Single Map Marker
Shows/Hides a Single Map Marker without removing it
Toggle Map TMP Labels
Shows/Hides All Map TMP Lables without removing them
The following sections will document how to set up the Minimap, Full Screen Map, Markers and Labels. For further details, see the UI Example included in this Module.